Just saying…

I used to think that people who had secretarial jobs had it easy. Just answering phones, organizing calendars and stocking office supplies.

Boy, was I wrong?

Imagine. Your two phones are always ringing, your bosses and every other employer is asking for plane tickets, otel reservations, orders, the paper that they had their hands the other day, anything really. And meanwhile, guests are coming, mails are always coming because e-mails are 2010 right now and snail mail is the way. Not to mention, there’s a ton of paperwork that needs to be finished. But it’s impossible because everyone assumes that you have no job and no qualification whatsoever. You’re one step away from carrying food plates. Because that random employee doesn’t want to eat in the kitchen.

Me? I don’t need to imagine.


I’ve been living this nightmare for five months now. And hopefully, soon, I’ll be ending this nightmare while dropping the mic on everyone.


People who have secretarial jobs. Next time, you open that phone line with an exasperated tone, I will only appreciate you and do my best to make your job easier.


This has been a post.


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