I have left my job!

I quit my job two weeks ago. For the last two weeks, I have been free. Yes, I still have my freelance translator job. But I work from home for it, and also my freelance job is pretty much enjoyable. So I’m not suffering anymore.

For first few days of my freedom, I wasn’t exactly free. I was still getting messages and phone calls from the office, but now they’re gone also. My phone now only rings for good news. ^__^

I haven’t been able to focus on my freelance job due to being home and being home used to mean being lazy. But slowly I’m getting rid of that mood as well. This weekend, I’ll be cramming for my freelance job and when I create a routine, it’ll be even better.

I’ll be paid less and will be home more. But what’s wrong with these options? I can always go out to take walks, meet my friends more freely without my day job like I’m chained to it.

So this is better and I feel better. And I’m actually more eager to work than before. For my freelance job of course. 🙂

I think I’ll be on the job hunt after a month and when I completed the heaviest workload for freelance job. But I won’t be applying to any job that would make me miserable. So, no more assistant jobs where the job doesn’t even cover my interests. I’ll be looking for jobs where I can write, where I can actually socialize with people and where I can actually be happy and work for years. And if that doesn’t happen, oh well. I’ll start studying for PhD admissions for next Spring anyway, so there won’t be big loss. True that I’ll have less money coming in and I’ll have to adjust to that. But even that’s a better option than working at a job that would make me miserable.

Wish me luck!


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